On hold? What? And an apology.

This is to give an explanation of what I mean by on hold.

Under no circumstances will this site close. I decided that after Steve’s passing, and I meant it. If something were to happen to me that meant I could no longer host the site, I know someone else who would be willing to host it (I imagine that offer still stands).

There have been times that i’ve got frustrated or annoyed by certain things, and i’ve said things I didn’t mean.

One person in particular (i’m not saying any names, but they know who they are), was directly affected by my posts. That has now stopped…100%, as i’ve promised him.

With regards to the on hold part of this post, what I mean is any further development work on this site or indeed, our forums.

I do intend to get the forums done at some point. However, I am no longer able to give any timeframe on it…it’ll be done when it’s done.

I am aware that some poeple have read posts that i’ve made (either on here, or on facebook), and to be honest, I went about things in completely the wrong way. I’m quite willing to admit when I get things wrong, and in this case, I did. There is another post on our facebook page, which I know has already been read by the person it affected.

Work will get done at some point, I just don’t know when…it’s a case of when I get time, and I can be motivated enough to actually continue with the work. The chat server itself is still online, and it will remain online for as long as possible. I’m on there occasionally (although not as often as I used to be).

In closing this post, I wish to say the following to someone who won’t see this post, and who also sadly cannot reply.

To our founder Steven Donald Rohr, who is still deeply missed by all of us: I am sorry I used the chatnsn name in the way I did in the past, and it will not happen again. This network was, and from this point on, always will be a place where poeple can come to chat about anything, play games, and just have fun.

Craig Turner (Vista)
ChatNSN Communications Owner

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Craig's interests include computers, and modified cars.

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