We may consider linking with other networks. However, to keep it simple, there are some conditions that have to be met:

You must run officeirc for your chat server.

You are free to run your own server as you see fit. However, if it causes issues with the rest of the network, we reserve the right to terminate the link.

Our central hub will connect out to your server. Your server will not need to connect out to us.

We will maintain an administrative account on your officeirc installation for the sole purpose of linking the servers, and modifying link settings if required. We will NEVER change any other settings without your permission unless they are interfering with our own settings.

You are free to run your own bots, but if they cause issues, we reserve the right to ask you to disconnect them. If you refuse when asked, your server link will be terminated.

We reserve the right to terminate any links at any time for any reason we see fit.