About Us

Started by Steve Rohr in 2002 as a school project, ChatNSN is now owned and operated by Craig Turner, and Jessica Cappella

After closing down ChatNSN in 2013 due to lack of users, I linked my server to the 4-irc network.

However, after having a server disappear both me and Zac Drayson (A former server admin and our webmaster) looked into the reason.

What we found, was that the owner of that server (the former 4-irc owner) had been arrested for grooming minors and possessing child pornography.

Upon learning this, we quickly took steps to take over the network in it’s entirety, and disassociate from the former owner.

Later on, Zac decided to leave the network due to personal reasons. At that point, I closed it, and changed it back to ChatNSN.

Zac later rejoined, and Steve came back on board as well.

Zac has now permanently left the network, due to differences in opinion.

Unfortunately, Steve sadly passed away in September 2018 after being involved in a fatal car accident.